New! The Psychic’s Guide EBook

New! The Psychic’s Guide EBook

Revised Edition 2014

The Psychic’s Guide, Volume One: An Introduction to Psychic Development EBook is finally coming out!  After the initial publicaPsychic's Guide scan2 300dpition of the printed format in 2005, I felt as though this book is ready to make a comeback, as an updated edition in electronic format.   I have made no significant changes in the text, except for removing some parts and the index at the end of the book.  The overall identity of the book was maintained and the original graphics from the first graphic designer were for the most part preserved.

I hope the book will be enjoyed by EBook readers, as much as I enjoyed writing this title as my very first book.  The EBook will be available in Kindle, Smashwords and eventually Google Books.

Title: The Psychic’s Guide, Volume One: An Introduction to Psychic Development


Amazon Kindle:

Category: Spirituality/New Age

 eISBN: 978-0-9936322-2-8

Date of publication (Revised edition, EBook): January 2014

(Revised Edition, 2014) The Psychic`s Guide, Volume One: An Introduction to Psychic Development invites the reader into the realm of the Sixth Sense and of Spirit guides. It explains the reader how to develop their own spiritual gifts in a safe and simple way. The first part of the book was channeled by one the author`s Spirit guides and discusses human psychic potential, Angels, and the Spirit world in general. Mediation, prayer and psychics are also discussed. The second part of the book is the Beginner psychic course as taught by Sabine Blais. It includes card, Tarot and Rune meanings, and explains the use of the pendulum. Complete with a full glossary and appendices.

“… provides a firm foundation upon which to begin a course of study into the world of psychic gifts and practices.” –Gigi Miner, Author of Card Shark and Light-of-Day Tarot & Dream Work

“… this book is an excellent tool for everyone that wishes to connect with spirit.” –Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews

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