How Emergentus is Taught

How Emergentus is taught




There are four (4) levels of Emergentus (Andromedan magic):


Level I – Introduction to Andromedan magic, basic contents and practices.

Level II – Moving energy in magic

Level III – Magic and fire

Level IV – Enchantment spells, symbols

There are no attunements in Emergentus; and there is no ‘Master’ level. Emergentus is not an energy healing modality, and is not a part of the Aqualead Program.  However the third level of Aqualead is required in order to learn Emergentus. Manuals are provided in the class. Students must obtain a wand.

Prerequisite: Aqualead master (level III)

All Emergentus classes are free of charge, by voluntary donation.

Range of contents and subjects include: Spells, enchantments, use of wands, meditation, magical Incense, oils ointments and inks, different potions recipes, Runes, symbols, magical compass, magical board games, dice, cards, mosaic trivets.


Sabine Blais

June 2017



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