Berenmil Crafts

by Sabine Blais

Berenmil logo1

Welcome to Berenmil Crafts, my small knitted craft venture.. I  participate in local craft fairs and shows in the Ottawa-Gatineau region (check Schedule).  Consult the catalogue for full range of items – download here: CATALOGUE 2015 – BERENMIL CRAFTS .


Online store on

Celtic yule fair3 small

Sabine Blais

Wands – 10 to 22 inches


Short Wands (10 -12 inches) – no crystal


Large Gnomes

Large gnomes1 small

Medium Gnomes

Medium Gnomes1 small

Small and Mini-Gnomes, Pouches and flute bags

Crafts5 Aug. 2014 small

Photos foire1 small

Hats and Leg-warmers

Accessories crafts1 small

Medieval-style Hoods, assorted colours

Accessories crafts2 small

Hoods3 small

Hoods1 small


Fairies1 small


Mouse4 small


Bees1 small

Mice and Bees6 small

Slipper Socks

Slippers socks1 small

Slipper Boots

Slippers1 small


Troll doll4 small

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