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The International Centre of Aqualead


AQUALEAD is a new energy that heals water in living beings and in the environment. It was channelled by Sabine Blais on August 30th 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



* Aqualead is taught and practiced free of charge, voluntary donations are accepted.

* The Aqualead Centre is a non-profit organization.

* There are currently over 1,400 Aqualead Masters in the world located in Argentina,  Canada, Iceland, United States, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom and Italy.

* Aqualead is NOT a religion, nor is it affiliated to any religious denomination.

* Aqualead energy has a strong affinity with Nature and elemental beings.

* It is very powerful, yet simple and easy to learn. For more information, articles, class schedules and events, visit our blog:


Other affiliated Programs and modalities:

Unicorn symbols (taught only to Aqualead Masters)
Aqualead for Kids Program (5 to 16 years)
Aqualead Vegans Program
Queldon energy

Dyanstir energy

Emergentus magic (for Aqualead masters only)

Lanterum magic (public)

Sabine Blais
September 2018


1. The purpose of Aqualead energy is to salvage the Earth and restore the planet’s natural state of balance.

2. Aqualead practitioners and Masters are people who have received training and the necessary attunement(s) in order to practice and teach Aqualead energy healing.

3. Aqualead sessions and classes are free of charge. Voluntary donations only may be accepted.

4. Aqualead supports trees, vegetation and wildlife; all living things have the right to live free and undisturbed in their own natural environment.

5. Aqualead supports conservation, recycling and sustainable agriculture.




List of Aqualead Masters representatives in their local area.

Listado de Maestros de Aqualead con quien comunicarse en su zona.

Liste de Maîtres d’Aqualead représentants dans sa région.

Director: Sabine Blais, Gatineau, Canada.

All international lists are posted on the blog posts.  They will be updated regularly.

Blog – International list 2018





Logo Queldon

Queldon is an energy I have channelled on March 31st, 2010 in Buenos Aires. Queldon’s purpose is to accelerate the process of human evolution and is practised only on human beings. There aren’t any symbols and Queldon performs a very strong cleansing of the mind and elevates consciousness rapidly; it also heals the heart and increases manifestation. There are two levels of Queldon: Practitioner and Master. Queldon Masters can give attunements to both levels. The pre-requisites for learning Queldon are: Minimum Aqualead level II and 6 months experience using Aqualead energy.

Facebook Page:

Sabine Blais



ELEMENTAL BEINGS are invisible beings of nature mainly found in forests, the countryside and among trees.  They have a high energy vibration and live in a parallel dimension to ours; some of them have a high intelligence and immense powers.  Many elementals influence the elements of nature and preside over nature itself; their role is that of defending the Earth and the planet. Some elementals are found near water and protect lakes, rivers and oceans. Elementals also defend animals, wildlife, while others live underground.  Elemental beings correspond to each of the four elements: fire, air, water and earth.

Here are some different types of elementals: Elves, Fairies, Dwarves, Gnomes, Undines, Kobolds, Unicorns, Mermaids, Giants, Pixies, Trolls, Kelpies, The Sidhe…  Becoming aware of the elementals’ presence and opening our intuition and thoughts to them makes it easier to perceive their presence around us, in the woods, by a river or in the garden.  The practice of Aqualead greatly enhances and facilitates encounters with elemental beings.

Sabine Blais



In the context of environmental healing, animals cannot be ruled out of the equation.  Healing the Earth means respecting and honouring animal life, and acknowledging their rights to freedom and dignity.  This entails reviewing our consumption habits and society’s general treatment of animals in the form of the meat, dairy, fur and entertainment industries.

This is why the International Centre of Aqualead supports the vegan way of life and a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle. By avoiding meat, dairy and animal products, we prevent the breeding, abuse and slaughter of millions of animals, while keeping the environment clean and protecting natural resources.

Animal proteins can easily be replaced with plant proteins such as beans, lentils, and soy products; milk can also be vegetable or plant-based.  By eating animal-free, we also improve our own health and increase our own energy and well-being.  It’s a win-win situation.

A vegetarian diet excludes meat, eggs, and fish, however still includes dairy products.

A vegan diet excludes the consumption of any animal products.

7504_1023584457684174_6608767339468384992_n    Ego vs. Eco

Overfishing has largely depleted fish and marine wildlife in the oceans, while commercial fishing is dangerous to dolphins, whales and sharks,  that drown in drifting fishing nets.  Fish farming has proven to be hazardous and filthy to natural ecosystems, as they harbour diseases.   The egg industry is responsible for disposing of and killing millions of male baby chicks, which are useless to the egg industry.  These baby chicks are often ground up alive, in order to discard them.

Becoming aware of our consumption and how to avoid causing more harm and pain to other species is a part of our challenge.  However, this awareness is important in order to heal the Earth and make this world a safer, cleaner and greener place for everyone.



About Lanterum Magic


Lanterum is a new system of magic destined for the general public.  There is no prerequisite to learn this magic, all one needs is a short wand (measuring 10 – 14 inches long).  There are two levels in this type of magic; one does not require any previous experience or attunements from another healing modality.   Lanterum magic is Andromedan in origin and it is milder than Emergentus; there are no complicated spells or strong, overwhelming energies.  It is safe and easy to use.  The focus of this magic is healing and protection.

The content of Lanterum includes 40 spells, the use of wands, a magical dice, flags, a compass, incense recipes and herbal blends, potions, talismans and more.  The magic of Lanterum is not religious and is not affiliated to any known system of magic.

Lanterum will be available to the general public as of March 2018.

Sabine Blais

February  2018

Public Magic Group:





Emergentus is a new system of Andromedan magic.   It is not a healing modality but rather a very powerful energy system which comes in a vast array of information and knowledge, divided in various subjects and levels.   Emergentus is practised by using spells, wands, amulets, symbols and other manifestation techniques. It’s a very ‘magical’ kind of energy, and a powerful method of manifesting changes in our physical world. It also enhances our connection to other dimensions and the Universe which surrounds us.

Only trained/attuned Aqualead Masters (level III) can learn and practice Emergentus. This is a very high vibration of energy and harnesses a huge amount of power.   Aqualead is a precursor to Emergentus, as it prepares a person energetically to perform the energy work and magical manifestation of Emergentus.

The use of a short wand is mandatory in the practice of Emergentus. The wand should measure between 10 inches and 14 inches long (no longer), and should not have a crystal attached to it.

The Centre for Andromedan Magic is a non-profit organization, which facilitates and regulates the preservation and documentation of Emergentus.

It also aims at informing the general public, and overseeing the education/dissemination of knowledge pertaining to Emergentus. The information regarding this energy and the Centre for Andromedan Magic were channelled and founded by Sabine Blais, as of December 2016.

*Please note: The magic practised in Emergentus is not religious and is not to be confused with any religious practices, rituals or worshipping of gods/deities.


Sabine Blais



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