Risteri Handbook 2021

The Risteri Handbook 2021 is now out, for those interested in this new system of magic. Risteri encompasses several types of magic, and is an ‘umbrella of magic’ of its own.. This Handbook is a precursor to the main Risteri magic book, that will be eventually published. It can be downloaded for free in the Magic section of this blog, or in the Facebook groups entitled Lanterum Magic and Emergentus Andromedan magic (Public).

Sabine Blais

Grimoires and New Names 2020


*All our magic books are now called Grimoires.


*Andromedan Public Magic is now called: Eraz, or the ‘Group of Five’.

Group of Five: Opal Unicorn, Blue Mermaid, Golden Griffin, Centaur magic, Topaz.


*Open Spells are now called: Zopha. This group of spells has its own Grimoire.


*Updated Grimiores will be re-posted in groups over the next couple of months.

Happy Holidays! Sabine

Grimorios y Nuevos Nombres 2020


*Todos nuestros libros de magia ahora son Grimorios.


*La magia Andromedana para el público se llama: Eraz, o el ‘grupo de cinco’.

Grupo de cinco: Unicornio Ópalo, Sirena Azul, Grifo Dorado, Centauro, magia Topacio.


*Los hechizos abiertos se llaman: Zopha. Este grupo de hechizos tienen su propio Grimorio.


*Los Grimorios actualizados serán publicados en los grupos en las semanas que vienen.


Felices fiestas! Sabine