Aqualead in the UK

First Aqualead Masters in the UK



The UK now has its very own Aqualead masters in Wales!.. Nadja Rose Kill and her husband Steve are now able and available to teach Aqualead classes on their 16-acre farm in Gwynfe, Wales, near Llangadog.   Their place is located in Brecon Beacons National Park, at the foot of the Black Mountain.

They are also running a spiritual nature retreat at their place called River Song Nature Retreat, and plan on offering classes, meditations and group healings.   Feel free to contact them to spend the day or weekend at this magical place. Or just stop by and say hello!. They are 40 minutes away from Swansea.


The address:

 Glan Clydach




SA19 9NT

Wales, UK



Mobile: 07894273616


Nadja is also a Reiki master and offers healing sessions; she is also a hypnotherapist and does past life regressions.

River Song Nature Retreat


Aqualead UK group


Sabine Blais

October 19, 2017



Como Emergentus esta ensenado

Como Emergentus esta enseñado

Welsh dragon4


Hay 4 niveles de Emergentus (magia de Andrómeda):


Nivel I – Introducción a la magia de Andrómeda, practica

Nivel II – Magia y el movimiento de energía

Nivel III – Magia y el fuego

Nivel IV – Encantamientos, símbolos


No hay iniciaciones en Emergentus, tampoco hay ‘maestros (as)’. No es una técnica energética de sanación: Emergentus es un sistema de magia; está relacionado con el programa Aqualead, pero no es parte del programa. Se entregan manuales en las clases. Los alumnos deben conseguir una varita.

Prerrequisitos: Nivel Maestría de Aqualead (el tercer nivel).

Emergentus es gratis, por contribución voluntaria.

Tema y materia: Hechizos, encantamientos, el uso de varitas, meditación, recetas de inciensos, aceites, tintas y pociones; Runas, símbolos, brújula mágica, juegos mágicos, dados, cartas, mosaico.


Sabine Blais

Junio 2017


How Emergentus is Taught

How Emergentus is taught




There are four (4) levels of Emergentus (Andromedan magic):


Level I – Introduction to Andromedan magic, basic contents and practices.

Level II – Moving energy in magic

Level III – Magic and fire

Level IV – Enchantment spells, symbols

There are no attunements in Emergentus; and there is no ‘Master’ level. Emergentus is not an energy healing modality, and is not a part of the Aqualead Program.  However the third level of Aqualead is required in order to learn Emergentus. Manuals are provided in the class. Students must obtain a wand.

Prerequisite: Aqualead master (level III)

All Emergentus classes are free of charge, by voluntary donation.

Range of contents and subjects include: Spells, enchantments, use of wands, meditation, magical Incense, oils ointments and inks, different potions recipes, Runes, symbols, magical compass, magical board games, dice, cards, mosaic trivets.


Sabine Blais

June 2017


Emergentus – Magia de Andromeda

Emergentus – Un Nuevo Sistema de Magia.




Emergentus es un Nuevo Sistema de magia de Andrómeda. No es una técnica sanadora, pero un sistema de energía con una gran cantidad de contenido e información. Emergentus se practica con hechizos, varitas, símbolos, y otras herramientas de manifestación. Es una energía muy mágica, y un método poderoso de manifestar cambios un nuestro mundo físico. Aumenta también nuestra conexión con otras dimensiones y el universo entero.

Solo maestros de Aqualead (que hicieron el tercer nivel) pueden aprender Emergentus. Es una vibración de energía muy fuerte y trae mucho poder. Aqualead es una preparación para Emergentus, y prepara una persona energéticamente para hacer el trabajo y la manifestación mágica de Emergentus.

Es necesario usar una varita corta en la práctica de Emergentus. La varita debe ser corta (25 a 35.5 cm, o 10 a 14 pulgadas), y no debería tener un cristal en la punta.

El Centro de Magia Andrómeda es una organización sin fines de lucro, que facilita y preserva la información cerca de Emergentus. Tiene también por misión de informar el público, la enseñanza y cualquier literatura cerca de Emergentus. La información cerca de este sistema de magia fue canalizada por Sabine Blais a partir del 18 de Diciembre, 2016.

Nota: La magia en Emergentus no es una religión y no pertenece a ningún culto a dioses.


Sabine Blais

Emergentus – Andromedan Magic (New)

Emergentus – A New System of Magic.




Emergentus is a new system of Andromedan magic.   It is not a healing modality but rather a very powerful energy system which comes in a vast array of information and knowledge, divided in various subjects and levels.   Emergentus is practised by using spells, wands, amulets, symbols and other manifestation techniques. It’s a very ‘magical’ kind of energy, and a powerful method of manifesting changes in our physical world. It also enhances our connection to other dimensions and the Universe which surrounds us.


Only trained/attuned Aqualead Masters (level III) can learn and practice Emergentus. This is a very high vibration of energy and harnesses a huge amount of power.   Aqualead is a precursor to Emergentus, as it prepares a person energetically to perform the energy work and magical manifestation of Emergentus.


The use of a short wand is mandatory in the practice of Emergentus. The wand should measure between 10 inches and 14 inches long (no longer), and should not have a crystal attached to it.

The Centre for Andromedan Magic is a non-profit organization, which facilitates and regulates the preservation and documentation of Emergentus.

It also aims at informing the general public, and overseeing the education/dissemination of knowledge pertaining to Emergentus. The information regarding this energy and the Centre for Andromedan Magic were channelled and founded by Sabine Blais, as of December 2016.

*Please note: The magic practised in Emergentus is not religious and is not to be confused with any religious practices, rituals or worshipping of gods/deities.

Sabine Blais

Using Wands in Energy Healing

Using Wands in Energy Healing


Wands are very useful in energy healing with any modality (Reiki, Aqualead, etc.)… Using a wand can be completely separate from any Wicca, pagan or other religious practice.   A wand is an energy tool, not only reserved for shamanism or witchcraft. It can be made from a simple wooden stick or branch; what makes it ‘a wand’ is the intention and energy you program it with. They are a powerful manifestation tool; a wand is also very helpful in self-healing, to clear your aura or upper chakras.


Wands may have a crystal at the point; the best crystals to attach to a wand are clear quartz and amethyst. You can easily make your own wand from a branch or piece of wood; feel free to carve symbols or special ‘words’ on it. Energy flows from your elbow, through your arm and hand towards the tip of the wand.

The types of wands (with or without crystal)

There are different types of wands, depending on whether they have a crystal and according to their length.

* Wands with a crystal attached to the end are mainly used for healing work.

* Wands without a crystal are used for manifestation work; they have a more ‘magical’ use.

The purposes and attributes of different wands:

Wands with a crystal (healing):

For meditation

Use during a healing session

In distant healing

To practice self-healing

Empowering goals and intentions

Increasing energy (rotate clockwise)

Releasing/removing energy (rotate counter-clockwise)

Drawing symbols

Charging a crystal grid

Cleansing the aura

Wands without a crystal (magic):

To open an energy space

For manifestation

Telekinesis, levitation

Altering the elements

Using spells

Transformation/transmutation of objects and things


The length of the wands

The length of the wands also differentiates them in terms of use and intensity of power. The longer wands (16 in. – 22 in.) are more gentle and are used for energy healing. Long wands usually have a crystal attached at the end.

The shorter wands (10 in. – 14 in.) however are more powerful and direct the energy in a more intense fashion. For this reason, short wands do not have crystals attached to them. They require a direct contact with the energy, without a crystal being involved. Here are the differences between short and long wands (without a crystal):

Short wands (10 in. – 14 in)

Manifesting and un-manifesting objects and things

For movement, telekinesis and levitation

Using spells

Transformation, transfiguration of things and objects

Long wands (16 in. – 22 in.)

Working with elements on a larger scale (example: the element of air)

Opening an energy space or portal


Other useful information

 Wands tend to have a ‘personality’ of their own. They convey energy and power and should be treated with respect. Wands choose their owners or guardians and hold the energy space, even when not used.

Avoid sharing or lending your wand to others. The wand is a very personal energy tool and should be always be used by the same person.

One person can have many different wands.

You can make your own wand, and make wands for others. Use a branch or long piece of wood and natural materials if you can; be creative (see article: How to make wands).

Please note: the use of wands in the scope of the Aqualead Program is not related to Wicca, witchcraft or any other religious/ritual practice.

Sabine Blais

International Centre of Aqualead

August 3, 2016

© Sabine Blais

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